Our Story

As a mom of three, finding high-quality, unique, and safe clothing & products for my family was often a challenge. When I had kids, I couldn't wait to shop for them, always on the hunt for that special outfit or accessory. I became curious about where the clothes I was buying came from, and was concerned about the chemicals and dyes that I could sometimes see and smell even after several washes. After doing some research I discovered the downsides of the fast fashion industry and made a commitment to investing in items that I knew would stand the test of time while feeling good about doing my part for people and the planet. I was delighted to find that beautiful AND sustainable can exist together and some of the most complimented pieces my kids and I wear are also made the most responsibly. 
Named after my daughter Addie and grandmother Grace, our collection is hand-picked and thoughtfully curated from local, regional, and global brands. We take a high-touch, personalized approach to helping our customers find that perfect something - whether it's a special outfit, sweater for a cozy day, a unique piece of jewelry (that we promise won't tarnish), handbag, or bespoke gift, we truly have something for everyone. 
With Love,